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Friends of the Escarpment Parks Toowoomba Inc is a non-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers. We are an incorporated body, which requires us to have a President, Treasurer and Secretary elected at an annual general meeting (AGM). We have a committee that meets every three months to manage our general business and address issues that arise. We also meet with the Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) Parks and Gardens personnel and the TRC Volunteers Coordinator four times each year. The FEP receives an environment grant from TRC to help pay for equipment and expendables that we use in our work.

Membership cost of $10 per year helps to pay our running costs and for activities that we organise. Members receive a quarterly newsletter. Members also receive information by email about FEP activities and up-to-date information from our associated organisations about events relevant to our mission. Simply download and complete the membership form and return it as explained on the form.

ABN: 41 931 416 342

Office Bearers
President: Dr Rob Brodribb Mob: 0407 124 863
Secretary: Mrs Elizabeth Addie
Treasurer: Mr Ray Addison Mob: 0408 747 168
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Volunteers receive a handbook to guide them through safe procedures in weeding and bushcare, and we work together in parks with the support of the park care coordinator.