Friends of the Escarpment Parks Toowoomba

Who we are

FEP is a non-profit community group involved in the management, maintenance, and promotion of public use of the Toowoomba region’s bushland escarpment parks. Ideally FEP would like to see all Toowoomba’s bushland parks regenerated with local native plant species and be weed free.

What we do

The group works closely with the Parks and Recreation Branch of the Toowoomba Regional Council and other landowners. Our main work involves bush regeneration and removal of weed species. We hold community events such as park open days and planting days. We encourage our community to be involved in caring for our bushland parks and preserving them for ourselves and future generations to enjoy. Our bushland parks provide wonderful habitats for our birds and fauna and are part of the cultural heritage of our region.

How we started

FEP’s origins started in the mid-1980s when Dr John Swarbrick visited Spring Bluff railway station. While walking around the grounds with the Stationmaster John saw the big problem Lantana was creating. He invited a few friends to work in the area and the seeds of FEP were sown. From Spring Bluff Station the group moved to Prince Henry Drive and J.E. Duggan Park. In 1991 the group was more formally assisted by Toowoomba City Council in recognition of the work it was doing removing woody weeds. On 1st September 1994, the group became incorporated as The Friends of the Escarpment Parks (Toowoomba) Inc.