Leopard Ash Bushland Park

This small bushland park area (0.5 ha), located between 16 and 18 Charmaine Court in Kleinton, was saved from the bulldozers by the former Crows Nest Shire Council when the planning for the surrounding sub-division was created, thus preserving this unique remnant of the endangered dry vine rainforest. It is named for its beautiful Leopard Ash trees (Flindersia collina) which are found only in dry rainforests and semi-evergreen vine thickets (SEVTs) in Queensland and NSW.  Dry rainforests/semi-evergreen vine thickets were prevalent in the Highfields and Kleinton areas before residential development and were once very widespread in Queensland. Over 80% have been removed. 

Fifty-eight tree, shrub, vine and herb plant species are in the list identified at Leopard Ash Park and it is also home to a diversity of wildlife. There is a walking track through the park from north to south enabling viewing of the bird life, butterflies and unique native plants found there.

The annual report has information about ongoing activity in the park.

Volunteers meet on the first Saturday of the month 9 am – 12 pm. Please contact Michael on 04 1780 2817.