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Darling Downs Environment CouncilThe Darling Downs Environment Council (DDEC) is our region’s peak environment group. It is dedicated to the preservation and protection of the environment (natural, built, and managed) and to enhancing sustainability.
Lockyer Upper Catchments IncLUCI is a grass roots association of landholders and their supporters dedicated to the conservation of native habitats and the wildlife they support.
Australian Association of Bush RegeneratorsAABR promotes the study and practice of ecological restoration, and fosters and encourages effective management of natural areas by qualified people, based on sound ecological principles.
Toowoomba Regional CouncilAn information booklet was published in 2020 to showcase our Region’s many amazing walks and trails. You can download a copy of the Walks & Trails of Toowoomba Region and start exploring today!
Crows Nest Community NurseryThe Crows Nest Community Nursery helps to support native wildlife by propagating indigenous trees, shrubs and ground cover plants that occur naturally within, and beyond, our regional boundaries.
Land for Wildlife South East QueenslandLand for Wildlife members are custodians of the land, creating vibrant places for people and habitat for our wildlife.
Toowoomba Field NaturalistsLearn about natural history at our meetings with talks presented by specialists, both professional and amateur, and from our members’ show-&-tell. 
Toowoomba Bird ObserversThe aim of the Toowoomba Bird Observers Club Inc  is to join together people with a common interest who wish to further their knowledge and enjoyment of the bird life around them. 
BirdLife Southern QueenslandBirdLife Southern Queensland (BSQ) extends some 400 kms down the east coast of southern Queensland from Maryborough to the NSW border and west for 1700 kms to the NT border past Birdsville.
Toowoomba BushwalkersWe organise a range of field outings and social activities and generally each month there are two day walks, an overnight camp and a social dinner. The difficulty of walks varies and caters for most skill levels.
Amaroo Environmental Education CentreWe design, promote and deliver highly effective environmental and Indigenous education programs for schools (P-12) and for the community, including building the capability of schools with professional development for teachers.
Toowoomba for Climate ActionWe are a grassroots non-partisan group of Toowoomba Region locals inspiring climate action.
Toowoomba Wilderness SocietyOur volunteers are passionate about advocating for climate action, wildlife and biodiversity protection and preservation at local and national levels.
Native Plants Queensland – Toowoomba RegionThe Toowoomba Region provides an excellent area to grow Australian Native Plants and SGAP Toowoomba is a community organisation whose members and guest speakers provide advice on growing Australian Native Plants.
Franke ScrubIt is a length of deep creek bed with a diverse flora of old-growth dry rainforest trees and shrubs including the threatened Tarenna tree Tarenna cameronii and uncommon Orangebark tree Maytenus disperma.
Toowoomba PlantsA site about plants indigenous to the basalt soils of inland south-east Queensland, and suitable for use in gardens. The area it covers is roughly bounded by the Great Dividing Range, the Condamine River, the New South Wales border and the Bunya Mountains.
Toowoomba Community Organic GardensToowoomba Community Organic Gardens (TCOG) is a welcoming and inclusive community space where people come together in a spirit of friendship and cooperation, to learn, implement and demonstrate sustainable, organic food growing practices, which support the health and well-being of participants, preserve and improve the site for the benefit of the local community, and have a positive environmental impact. 
Permaculture ToowoombaOur central focus is on Permaculture Ethics and Design Principles, along with the practical application of these in our daily lives. Our goal is to connect, educate and empower our local community and to build individual and collective resilience, knowledge and skills.
National Fire Ant Eradication ProgramEradication is the only way to protect Australia from fire ants and the devastating impacts they can have on our way of life. We need your help to stop them in their tracks.
Householders’ Options to Protect the Environment (HOPE) Inc.The core idea of HOPE is that, while we have to think about the environment on a planet-wide scale, we need to act in our own communities in a way that’s effective and meaningful. Our slogan is: “Think Globally – Act Locally”
Condamine Country Plant GroupWe are a small collective of plant enthusiasts from around Toowoomba on Queensland’s Darling Downs. It’s our belief that everyone should have the right to know their own natural heritage without needing specialised botanical training.
Gardens for Wildlife Toowoomba RegionThis is the only site that will help you to choose the right plant for your location within the Toowoomba Region. Growing the plants that are native to our Toowoomba region is the best option for you because they have adapted to our climate and soils over millennia, and best for native fauna because they have evolved with these plants.