Hancock Street Park

Hancock Street Park is a 3.7-hectare bushland park supporting an endangered ecosystem (12.5.6).  It is a mid-dense open forest usually found on deep red soils at higher altitudes and provides a suitable koala habitat. It is estimated that 36,000 hectares of this ecosystem were found in Queensland, whereas in 2019 we had 8000 hectares remaining. This is a loss of 78%. 39 native plant species have been identified at Hancock St Park.

Walking tracks circumnavigate the park and run north-south and east-west through the middle of the park. There is a picnic table at the northern end. A microforest has been planted on the southernmost section of the park to extend the endangered ecosystem link to the Park report.

Volunteers meet on Thursday mornings. If you are interested please call Bev on 04 2862 3577.

Additional information is available in these documents: