Nielsen Park

In Middle Ridge, Nielsen Park can be accessed from Tarlington St, Nita Close, Thorley Court (west side) Nielsen Court and Coleman Drive, Rowbotham St  (east side). 

Size: seven hectares of endangered ecosystem (12.5.6d) dominated by Eucalyptus montivagga (andrewsii), (New England blackbutt) and Corymbia intermedia, (pink bloodwood). See the plant list for more details.

A comprehensive bird survey was compiled over multiple years and ongoing observations are recorded in iNaturalist.

The “pre-clearing” area of this particular ecosystem was estimated at 36000 ha. In 2017 it was calculated that only 8000ha remained of this ecosystem in Queensland. The predominant weeds are privet, lantana and pavonia. The old road running east-west through the middle of the park is thought to be part of an old bullock trail that led over the Toowoomba Range to Flagstone Creek.

Details of recent work a re described in the annual report.

Volunteers meet on the first and fourth Saturday of the month 9 am – 12 pm. Please contact Rob on 04 0712 4863